About ACSC/APF 2019

This year 2019, Thailand chairs ASEAN and Thai CSOs will be hosting the ACSC/APF 2019.    We welcomed the ASEAN Charter, which was announced during the 13th ASEAN Summit in Singapore on November 20, 2007.  Additionally, under the auspices of ASEAN 40th Anniversary, we saw ASEAN’s commitments towards people-centred ASEAN and would like to reiterate below.

1) ASEAN is moving towards a community of caring and sharing for the common benefits and better quality of lives of its peoples.  ASEAN peoples will have an equal opportunity to access human development, social welfares and justice system (ASEAN Commitment No. 11); and

2) ASEAN recognises peoples’ organisations and CSOs both as a primary target for development and their key role in participating in strengthening ASEAN, as stated under ‘people-centred’  ASEAN (ASEAN Commitment No. 13) and ‘Empowering Peoples’ (ASEAN Commitment No. 10)

               We will make our voices heard to ensure ASEAN truly achieve it.

Thailand hosted ACSC/APF twice in 2009 in Thailand.  It was a collaboration of peoples’ organisations and CSOs in the region and two institutes of Chulalongkorn University —Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS) and Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute (CUSRI).  In addition to following up the progress ASEAN made and delivering ASEAN peoples’ recommendations, we initiated new engagement mechanisms to ASEAN namely mobilising funds from government for ACSC/APF, a Townhall Dialogue between ASEAN Secretary General and ASEAN peoples, Interface Meeting between CSOs representatives and ASEAN Leaders of which has now been institutionalised in ASEAN and become one of the ASEAN Summit agenda.

With Thailand being a Chair of ASEAN in 2019, ASEAN peoples and CSOs will be having ACSC/APF 2019 in Thailand, hosted by Thai peoples and CSOs.  The guiding principles and engagement modalities will be adhered to, in order to ensure inclusive and meaningful participation in the process and to walk ASEAN to become a truly people-centred.


1 Serving as peoples’ forum held in parallel with the ASEAN Summit and other important meetings of ASEAN in 2019 where peoples bring their voices, challenges and initiative practices, to be heard and shared among one another;

2 Advancing peoples’ and CSOs’ significant role and meaningful participation in advocating for people-centred  ASEAN;

3 Monitoring ASEAN issues and progress made, and bring recommendations to the ASEAN Summit and ASEAN member states; and

4 Strengthening collaboration between peoples and academic institutions in pursuing ‘caring’ and ‘sharing’  that will lead the way to sustainable society in which peoples of ASEAN have access to human development, social welfare and justice. 

Thailand Conference Committees      


Co – President : Main

1. Name  :                          Ms. Chalida Tajaroensuk                                              Organization  :                  People’s Empowerment Foundation (PEF)

2. Name  :                          Ms. Suntaree  H. Saeng-ging                                       Organization   :                 HomeNet Thailand


Name  :                               Ms. Supawadee Petrat                                                 Organization  :                  Thai Volunteer Service (TVS)



Name  :                               Ms. Wanun  Permpibul                                                 Organization :                   Climate Watch Thailand


Name :                                Mr. Sangmuang  Mangkorn                                        Organization :                   MAP Foundation              



Name :                 Ms. Premrudee  Daoroung                                         Organization :    Project SEVANA South-East Asia


Name :                 Mr. Boonthan   T. Verawongse                                  Organization :    Campaign Committee for Human Rights