LOGO : Flower of people

The logo got an inspiration the flower in Thai Traditional art in many way. The shape of the flower has been use in Thai Fine art and jewelry such as belt, badge, nacklace, ring and ma-lai (weath), not only those, this shape also appears in Thai architecture as star for decoratoin the temple’s ceiling as well.

The contemporary design is the core of this logo, but it still has the feeling of Thainess. The eleven-petals means the eleven nations who are now and upcoming members of ASEAN community. The Gradient colors have been used as a representative of the hamony in this community which goes beyond the boundaries of race, religion, gender, age and education.

The form of this logo is the combination of three eleven-pointed stars. From the center to outside, this forum probably impacts the cooperation between the people in this meeting to all citizen in ASEAN. On the other side, ASEAN cannot be that strong if there is any support every ASEAN people.