Venue and Accommodation

The Regional Committee and Thailand National Organizing Committee made an important decision on September 2nd 2019 to take the new venue for the ACSC/ APF 2019 in order to reduce financial burden since there is no more subsidy by the government.

The new venue is Thammasat University Convention Center, located in Rangsit Campus in Pathumthani province, which is around  25  Kilometres from downtown Bangkok. Around 22 Km. from Bangkok Don Mueng International Airport.

The Regional Committee and Thailand National Organizing Committee

Thammasat University – Rangsit Campus

Address: , Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani


          Thammasat University was inaugurated on June 27, 1934. The original name of the University, as given by Professor Dr. Pridi Banomyong, was the University of Moral and Political Sciences. Professor Dr. Banomyong wished to establish a university to educate Thai people of democracy introduced to the nation for the first time two years earlier.

          The philosophy of the University was marked after the speech of Professor Dr. Pridi Banomyong delivered before His Majesty the King’s Regent as follow:

“….. A university is, figuratively, an oasis that quenches the thirst of those who are in pursuit of knowledge. The opportunity to acquire higher education rightly belong to every citizen under the principle of freedom of education…..”

True to the ideas of Professor Dr. Banomyong, the University of Moral and Political Sciences quickly became an open university that accepted everyone with a high school diploma and working people in general. No entrance examination was required, while tuition fee was minimal and textbooks were inexpensive.  As the first open university in Thailand, students were not required to attend classes every day, but to take final examination to assess their progress. In the first year, 7,094 students applied to attend the University, mostly from working – class families. At that time, only two programs were offered—Moral Science and Accountancy degree programs.

  Echoing student unrest and a global push for a new era of freedom, Thammasat University became the center of student uprising in October 1973, with the demand for a new constitution and a parliamentary government.

In 1975, Professor Dr. Puey Ungpakorn, then rector of Thammasat University, realized that moving the country forward would depend on increasing focus on science and technology. Given such vision, he then set out to expand science and technology degree programs alongside with establishment of a new campus in Rangsit to relieve the crowded Taprachan campus. After contacting the Industrial Estates of the Ministry of Industry, Thammasat acquired 972 acres for expanding the University to Rangsit Campus, and since then development there has continued well until the present.

Entering into the 84th year after its establishment, Thammasat University recognizes all the changes that have occurred in this age and is aware that our duty is not only to produce graduates but also to groom “Next-Generation leaders for Thailand and international communities” with a goal to make Thammasat more well known among international communities.

          Thammasat University community remains true to its founder Professor Dr. Banomyong and the ideals that led him to found this great learning institution and cultural icon, which has grown to be Thailand’s intellectual, moral and spiritual center. Thammasat continues to instill in each and every student the desire to serve the country and its people, and move Thailand forward proudly as a shining beacon to the entire world. When a student graduates from Thammasat, it means that student is not just ready to get a job – it means he or she has a sense of community and social responsibility – and a burning desire to use knowledge for the good of all. Thammasat University today has changed from its humble beginnings as a small pond of knowledge-seekers, to its status today as a river of wisdom for all.